Posted by: paralleldivergence | April 21, 2009


NEWS RELEASE: 21 April 2009

The new SRN Server interface

Student Response Network v1.20 has now been released.  There are several significant changes, including:

  • A facelift for the server module, now incorporating the same shrunken neat interface as the SRN Client uses
  •  Removal of a superfluous “Hide Responses” option
  • Moving the “Hide Responses” option under the “Clients” section (more logical placement)
  • Disabling the Windows X button once the server has been started to stop accidental shutting down of the server
  • Display of a splash screen so users can see the SRN Server IP address more easily when connecting
  • Use of icons to enable question types
  •  When the Close button is clicked on the displayed Responses Chart, it disables the current question type automatically
  • Inclusion of the Score tally in the final Excel Spreadsheet
  • When stopping the server, removed the superfluous second question about the spreadsheet if no responses have been recorded
  • Availability of a Linux SRN Client (as a separate download from the SRN website).

SRN Server’s interface after Start

All up, these improvements will significantly enhance the teacher’s experience with the Student Response Network software.  If you have any comments about v1.20, just add them below. The TRIAL version of Student Response Network v1.20 is available from the Downloads page.


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