Posted by: paralleldivergence | April 9, 2009

SRN Images Gallery for SMART Notebook

SMART Notebook is great (and popular!) Interactive Whiteboard software, and of course, there is a SMART Notebook Template for Student Response Network available here.  But for those times when a template is just a little too restrictive and you really want to be totally creative in your SRN question screens, what you need are the SRN button images in your SMART Notebook Gallery!


I received this email message today:

G’day Stu,

A big thank you for SRN it has been great. I have used with the regional executive, with our Board users group across the region, consultants and a HT Maths Networking day. I have attached a Gallery for smart notebook (V10) that I made from your templates. Thought you might like to share it.

Thanks to Patrick Sullivan from the Tamworth Office in the NSW Department of Education and Training for sharing his little SMART creation. By just opening the Gallery in SMART Notebook, you can add your own content, including an SRN folder full of SRN icons that you can simply drag and drop into your Notebook pages.  Patrick’s SMART Gallery add-on is available for free from the Downloads page.


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