Posted by: paralleldivergence | March 21, 2009

SRN *without* a Projector

More and more schools are moving into the realm of wireless notebooks (or even netbooks) for each student in the classroom. Student Response Network is a perfect way to gather personal responses from each student, but did you know that the teacher’s or presenter’s computer does not have to be projected onto a large screen?  In this setting, the Student Response Network Server module runs on the teacher’s PC, but he/she does not share the results of each question as they are asked.  Instead, SRN records all of the responses for future discussion.

The questions could be asked verbally, via a printed handout or even using an old fashioned Overhead Projector.  It could be a quiz or it could be a gathering tool for opinions. The only thing is that the questions must all be responded to in sequence – it is not self-paced, to allow the teacher to enable the type of question being asked each time.

So why would you do this?  Being a closed response system (where other students don’t see the class results), it could invoke more honesty or truthfulness in answers. It adds a sense of intrigue, particularly if students are used to seeing the responses on a projected screen. It puts the teacher more in control of some situations.

Running SRN *without* a projector is just another useful tool in the interactive teacher’s kitbag.


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