Posted by: paralleldivergence | January 12, 2009

Free Mac OSX SRN Client

I’m pleased to announce that a Universal binary for Mac OSX (Intel and G5) is now available for free access on the Downloads page. This OSX client was ported from the Windows version by Norman Palardy of Great White Software in Canada using REALbasic. Norman was quick to answer a call for help to make Student Response Network suitable for schools with Apple desktops and notebooks and did an excellent job reproducing the client software for that platform. Here’s how the Mac client appears (click for a full-size view):


Of course, the SRN Server module must still run from a Windows computer, but it means that Windows clients and Apple OSX clients can co-exist with the software. Please let me know what you think of the OSX SRN Client in the comments below. Just click Downloads at the top to get your copy of the OSX SRN Client. And thanks very much to Norman for his great help in making this possible.

UPDATE: The OSX SRN Client has now been updated. Details are HERE.



  1. Too bad the Server must run from a Windows OS. Any possibility for a Mac Server module?

  2. Hi Stephen. Not in the short term. Possibly in 2010, depending on the demand. The Windows side seems to be really taking off. With Parallels, you can have Windows in an OSX Window and only call on it to drive the show. 🙂

  3. True, but I hate to “taint” our Macs with windows os 😉 Hopefully there will be enough of a demand to make the OS X version viable.

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